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NDS EZ Roll Grass Pavers - EZ4X24 - 4' x 24' Roll


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NDS EZ Roll Grass Pavers

  • Model: EZ4X24
  • Size: 4' x 24'
  • Square Footage Per Roll: 96
  • Color: Black
  • Material Thickness: 1"
  • Made in the USA

  • Ultra-Strong Hexagonal Design:Fused hexagonal design provides superior strength and long term durability when compared to pavers which rely on linked circles or squares for strength.


How does the NDS EZ-Roll measure up against it's competitors? View the detailed 3rd party testing report.

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Need to Reinforce Tire Tracks in a Lawn?

The EZ4X24 & EZ4X150 grass paver rolls "un-hinge" down the middle of the 4' wide piece. This leaves you with (2) 2' wide strips which are perfect for reinforcing tire tracks in a lawn. No cutting required!

Looking for a Product to Protect Your Existing Grass?

Grass protection mesh can be installed over your existing grass providing light / medium duty reinforcement.

Engineered for Strength

EZ Roll Grass Pavers are a sustainable alternative to traditional paving methods. By protecting the root zone and preventing soil compaction, the pavers allow healthy grass to thrive in areas that would traditionally have impervious hardscaping installed.

Recommended Applications: Golf cart paths, service roads, jogging tracks, bike paths, residential driveways, parking lots, overflow parking lots, roadways shoulders, emergency vehicle access roads, truck maintenance and equipment yards, construction entrance soil stabilization.

In addition to these load applications, EZ Roll Grass Pavers are also an effective solution for erosion control on slopes and in swales.

NDS Permeable Paver Brochure

Download a printable version of the NDS permeable paver brochure

A sandy loam fill allows water to filter through the base while supporting healthy root growth.

EZ Roll Grass Paver at Dry Creek Elementary allowed the school to use this grassy area as an overflow parking lot.

Flexible plastic paver mats are pre-assembled into rolls for easy installation on the job site.


  • 4" - 6" aggregate base must be installed directly below the pavers (see illustration below). The grass roots will grow into the aggregate (gravel) and anchor firmly. If an aggregate base isn't installed, a "cookie cutter" effect will take place and the pavers can sink into the soil.
  • If an aggregate base isn't practical for the project, consider the TT-24 Grass Pavers which feature a tapered bottom and can be placed directly over soil without sinking.

  • EZ4X24 Installation Diagram (click to enlarge):

Installation Guide & Technical Information

Download a printable version of the EZ-Roll Installation Guide

Environmental Benefits

  • Permeable surfaces eliminate or reduce stormwater runoff
  • Stormwater filters naturally through subsurface, reducing pollutants
  • Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect is mitigated as grass does not absorb as much heat energy as traditional hardscapes
  • Pavers are made of 100% recycled plastic

Competitive Benefits

  • Empty cells have a compressive strength of 57,890 psf
  • Product ships in large rolls for easy roll-out
  • Grass root zone is reinforced and protected by gridwork of hexagonal cells

  • Reduces demands put on landscape drainage system

  • Less expensive to maintain over time than traditional hardscaping

  • More pleasing aesthetically than traditional hardscaping

Case Studies

Emergency access lane - Denton Sr Center - Denton, TX
Download PDF

Emergency access lane - DLR Savvis Center - San - Jose, CA
Download PDF

Emergency grass access lane - Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort - Atlantic City, NJ
Download PDF

Fire lane - Dell Customer Care Center - Oklahoma City, TX
Download PDF

Headstone stabilization - LA National Cemetery - Los Angeles, CA
Download PDF

Overflow parking - LeMay America's Car Museum - Tacoma, WA
Download PDF

Overflow parking lot - Keller High School - Tulsa, OK
Download PDF

Right-of-way - Walden Ave - Depew, NY
Download PDF

Additional Technical Information

EZ Roll Grass Pavers Guide Specification 4 13 15
Download Word DOC

Grass Paver EZ Roll Flexible Porous Paving Sec 32 12 43
Download Word DOC

Grass Paver EZ Roll Porous Pavement Sec 02795
Download Word DOC

Bio Retention Pavers for Detention
Download PDF DWG

EZ Roll Grass Pavers Edging, Type 1
Download PDF DWG

EZ Roll Grass Pavers Edging, Type 2
Download PDF DWG

EZ Roll Grass Pavers Edging, Type 3 Reflector
Download PDF DWG

EZ Roll Grass Pavers

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