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Geogrid for retaining walls

Universal Series

(Walls 6' and Under)

The Universal Series Geogrid is a versatile grid designed for small wall projects. This grid is bi-directional and can be installed either perpendicular or parallel to the wall.


(Walls 10' and Under)

Designed for walls under 10' the 3 series is an excellent choice for projects that require a more reinforced grid than the universal but still need the flexibility of a bi-directional geogrid.

5-9 Series

(Walls Over 10')

For larger walls the 5-9 series grid is ideal. High tensile strength properties provide the required strength for large and complex wall projects. The 5-9 series are uni-directional grids and must be placed perpendicular to the wall to retain their strength.

Geotextile Fabric for
Retaining Walls

(Non-Woven & Woven)

We offer a full selection of both non-woven and woven geotextile fabrics for use below, above and behind retaining walls.