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BodPave 85 gravel pavers, grass pavers for ground reinforcement

BodPave 85 Pavers

BodPave 85

Bodpave 85 pavers are an excellent solution for projects which call for ground reinforcement in areas which are covered in either gravel or grass. These pavers are also a great solution for smaller projects which call for a limited amount of gravel paver material as Bodpave 85 is available in smaller square footage quantities than other rolled grass or gravel paver products.

Over the past years the demand for soft pavement alternatives that can be installed in highly trafficked areas had tremendously increased. Instead of simply defaulting to concrete and asphalt to reinforce concrete many of innovative options now exist on the market to ensure that both grass and gravel are properly reinforced for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. With these soft pave alternatives constructing service roads, car parks and walkways has been simplified and the outcome is very esthetically attractive. An additional advantage with these softpave options is that they easily blend into the filled material. Additionally, they can blend well with hard-pave options that are already installed in the landscape.

One of the commonly installed ground reinforcement options is BodPave 85. This product is designed to endure various traffic requirements including frequently used roads and parking areas. Bodpave 85 can also easily conform to obstacles or curved areas as it is designed to be cut to fit with a standard power saw.

The pavers are modular with an interlocking cellular appearance that can be installed with either a gravel or grass-filled surface. The pavers are made from HDPE which is 100% recycled, the pavers are eco-friendly and durable, perfectly suited to sustain highly trafficked areas.


  • Open cell structure that promotes full grass growth

  • Integral ground spikes that prevent lateral movement and deformation

  • Integral interlocking connections

  • Castellation that increases traction and lateral grass growth

  • Water retention cups used for optimizing the growth of the roots

This ground reinforcement system is commonly installed in different areas as follows:

  • Bus/car parking lots

  • Access roads for emergency vehicles

  • Helipads and aircraft taxiways

  • Handicap paths and walkways

  • Golf cart paths

  • Residential parking and driveways

BodPave 85 is available at affordable cost and an effective solution to rutted and worn grassed areas, for source control surfaces and displaced gravel. It is also designed to provide performance that can bear heavy loads, thus provides positive mechanical interlock and structural integrity.


  • BodPave 85 can bear he maximum load of 230psi at 25 inches of deflection.

  • Aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and drains gravel surface and natural grass.

  • It is commonly used for LEED projects.

This ground reinforcement is uniquely designed to counterattack the lateral movement of the ground and improve traction. Likewise, it promotes optimal grass growth, surface stabilization and root protection.

BodPave 85 consists of pre-assembled four pavers that are connected together. Once it is plotted on the ground, it is then filled with sand soil for grass surface or angular aggregate for gravel surface. The construction of the ground reinforcement depends on the type of application and the condition of the site as well as the load bearing.


  1. Ensure that the surface is prepped with the appropriate gravel base to support the intended load. Please refer to the official Bodpave 85 instillation guide for base recommendations relating to your project type.

  2. Install the paver with the specified edge retention either concrete, tanalised timber boards, plastic curbs or steel as appropriate.

  3. The root zone bedding layer of the sand soil should be in uniform and correct thickness, in proper level and well-consolidated.

  4. Place the paver firmly and the ground spikes should be fully pressed into the bedding. The adjacent pavers should be connected together while putting the edge connectors beneath the edge loops.

  5. After installing the pavers, it should be filled with the appropriate fill to the specified level.

  6. Normal seeding, watering and fertilizing program should be carried out. Likewise, top dressing can be applied to embed the seed and allow enough germination conditions. But, the paver cells shouldn’t be overfilled.

  7. For the best results, the reinforced surface should be fully established first before using it for heavy traffic.

When installing these pavers the site should be prepared with adequate and sufficient drainage capabilities. Otherwise, the performance of the reinforcement may be compromised. It’s open cell structure works well in providing water infiltration making it perfect for water source control. When installed in parking bays, plastic markers are used so that the pavers can fit into different parking orientations. If the parking markers are to be installed permanently HDPE glue can be applied or outdoor frame sealant to keep the markers in place.

BodPave 85 is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for both cold and hot climates because of its contraction/expansion capability. The pavers can be connected incrementally to suit for obstructions and curves. It is made from inert and non-toxic chemicals that are also found in soils. This ground reinforcement is manufactured in United Kingdom using black and green recycled HDPE.

BodPave 85 is a value-engineered product that don’t yield negative environmental impact. This product can be used with either grass or gravel on separate or combined installations.

These pavers are just one of the many grass and gravel paver solutions that Landscape Discount.com provides. Rolled grass pavers are available for projects covering over 96 square feet. Rolled gravel pavers are available for projects exceeding the 600 sq. ft. size. Rolled grass and gravel pavers are advantageous in larger project as the installation time is significantly reduced. Rolled gravel pavers include a fused geomembrane to prevent gravel from becoming lodged beneath the material and creating inconsistencies in the surface height.

If you have a unique application where you would like advice on the correct direction to take your paver project feel free to contact us.

If you would like project specification assistance or have installation or pre-sales questions pertaining to Bodpave 85 please feel free to contact us at (800) 524-4161.