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GrassProtecta for protection of grassy areas.

GrassProtecta Grass Protection


As a crucial component of most landscapes, lawns add beauty in the form of simplistic expanse to our surroundings. However, grass can become lass than ascetically pleasing when subjected to daily foot or vehicle traffic. One of the best ways to ensure that grass remains ascetically pleasing in a high traffic area is by using grass reinforcement mesh or for areas of frequent vehicular or pedestrian traffic. This reinforcement material is very effective in protecting the grass at the same time strengthening the ground. Aside from grass reinforcement, this material allows provides a surface which is conducive to rainfall permeation. The ability for immediate ground absorption of rainfall reduces the property's drainage requirements and reduces the environmental impact of the project.

Grass reinforcement is the best solution particularly if the place is frequently used by heavy vehicles or machines. This will prevent damaging the soil and the grass. It is designed for long term use and can also protect grass that may become damaged during excessive rainfall. If you are looking for an in-ground solution which provides an even further level of stability consider a heavy-duty grass driveway paving system. If you want to maintain the natural appeal of your landscape, while saving money grass protection mesh is both a cost effective and more natural solution than concrete or asphalt.

The GrassProtecta is made of thick plastic mesh that is directly installed on the existing grass lawn. The main purpose of installing the plastic mesh is to protect, stabilize and reinforce the grass. It is ideal to install in places that are rutting, prone to wear and muddy surfaces. Aside from areas which experience vehicular traffic, it also is ideal for pedestrian walkways due to its oscillated structure that is designed to reduce slip and increase grip.

The GrassProtecta plastic mesh is ideal to install in areas such as:

  • Car parking lots

  • Bike paths and pedestrian

  • Wheelchair/handicap access routes

  • Grassed aircraft taxiways and landing pads

  • Grass shoulder reinforcement

  • Equestrian surfaces

  • Lawn parking

  • Motor bays and home access

Available in two thicknesses such as 0.45 inches and 0.55 inches as well as 3.28’ x 32.8’ and 6.56’ x 65.6’ rolls. This grass protection mesh is made from high density polyethylene and 20% polymer obtained from recycled materials. It is very simple to install the grass protection mesh. All you have to do is to unroll the mesh onto the lawn after the grass has been cut. To ensure that the mesh will stay in place, you should use plastic fixing pegs or U-pins. The grass will grow through the holes of the plastic mesh and eventually the grass roots will intertwine with the mesh.

It ensures creating strong and stabilized surface with grass capable of enduring the loads of vehicle at the same time reducing soil compaction and limiting the damage. Landscape developers often use GrassProtecta in their landscape projects due to it's reliability and vast applications. It may take several months before the grass grows through the net apertures which can vary by geographic location, precipitation, soil condition and other climate related variances.

Benefits of GrassProtecta:

  • It offers high level of reinforcing the grass growth

  • Cost-effective and fast installation as compared to grass paving grids

  • Allows the rainwater to penetrate naturally under the ground

  • Mowing the grass can be done as usual

  • The mesh is concealed after the grass fully grows through the material

In a residential setting, this material helps to transform otherwise simply ornamental areas into useful areas which can be used for play, events or car parking. It's easy application allows for installation in a short amount of time and without removing the existing lawn.

Event Parking:

If you use your home for events such as weddings, festivals or occasional get togethers, your lawn can be effortlessly transformed into overflow parking or even event space. Even in the event that there is rain, the grass reinforcment's surface resists slip which is unique from other grass protection mesh products on the market.

Driveway Widening:

Do you have a narrow driveway which you would like to make wider? Would you like to park an additional vehicle or simply protect the grass which is subject to trampling from tires? Grassprotecta can be installed on the side of your driveway to protect the grass and provide traction for vehicles and is strong enough to be parked atop of on a regular basis.

Protection from Dogs:

Many homeowners have large dogs which life in their yard. Large dogs are notorious for being rough on grassy areas and over a period of time can turn a beautiful lawn into a rutted, muddy mess. Grassprotecta can provide a reinforced surface which will not harm the dog's paws and will protect your grass from rutting. The mesh can be applied over your existing lawn and can even be rolled up when not in use.

Protection from Horses:

Similar to dogs, Horses hooves can cause a great deal of damage to grassy areas. Grassprotecta is strong enough to withstand the compression from horses and will reinforce those areas which are prone to trampling from horses. The slip-resistant surface will help to keep there feet steady which other products on the market can cause instability especially in wet conditions.

Walking Paths:

Although most would attribute lawn damage to vehicles and animals, human traffic can have a drastic detrimental effect to lawn and grassed paths as well. Grassed paths are especially prone to damage because of the relentless foot traffic that they endure often times on a daily basis. Grassprotecta is a perfect product for this application as it will help to reinforce the grass while providing a slip-resistant surface. The slip-resistant surface is especially important when the grass is in the process of growing through the material and before the grass' roots have had a chance to establish above the material.

If you have any questions regarding this product or any of our grass protection mesh products feel free to give us a call at (800) 524-4161 to discuss your project and help with a product recommendation.