NDS Pavers Frequently Asked Questions

Do the grass pavers include stakes?

No, the grass pavers do not include stakes, however there are places in the rolled pavers for stakes to be placed if the product is to be installed on an incline where you feel stakes may be necessary. The square pavers do not feature specific holes for stakes although stakes can be inserted through the cells to secure the pavers into the ground. For both the rolls and square pavers, a straight stake with a head is recommended, not a U shaped stake.

Do the gravel pavers include stakes?

Yes, the 4' x 150' rolls do include stakes.

Once I place my order when should I expect delivery?

The grass pavers ship from various distribution centers throughout the United States. Your order will typically ship from the center closest to your location. Most orders are delivered within 4 business days of order placement.

How do the pavers ship?

Smaller orders will ship via UPS ground (typically less than (5) 4' x 24' rolls, less than 100 square pavers) while larger orders ship freight. 4' x 150' rolls always ship freight.

Can the pavers be delivered to my home?

Yes, the pavers can be delivered to either a home or business, however if you have the option of receiving the shipment at a business it is strongly recommended. Larger orders arrive on a freight truck which is easier to unload at a business and additionally freight transit times average 1-2 business days less when shipped to a business.