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Ground Cover Fabric - Woven - 10' x 300'
Ground Cover Fabric - Woven - 10' x 300'

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Ground Cover Fabric - Weed Barrier - 10' x 300' - 3 oz

Model: FGC3 10300
Brand: SRW
Series: GC3
Size: 10' x 300
Square Feet Per Roll: 2,997

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SRW's woven polypropylene geotextiles provide excellent puncture and tear resistant strength. Ground Cover has planting stripes for easy plant alignment.


  • Highest UV resistance
  • Planting stripes make spacing easier
  • Weed control


  • Greenhouse, nurseries and garden paths
  • Temporary protection for lawns during construction
  • Stabilization

Product Resources:

Spec Sheet

Woven Ground Barrier

Woven Ground Barrier is a great product for managing the spread of weeds in a backyard, planting area, hillside landscape, or nursery application.

The fabric is easily installed in minutes with the right tools and some elbow grease cand can help to keep troublesome weeds and unwanted wild plants at bay. The primary way the fabric works is to block sunlight and prevent weed seeds from properly germinating. The fabric does thwart germination and can be a great ally to homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers alike for decades after initial installation.

If you’re looking to use this fabric before planting, then here are the easy installation steps:

  1. Place the fabric on the graded soil.

  2. Pin it down using landscape pins also called staples. The pins are placed every 3 feet and help to keep the fabric from moving or whipping up in the wind.

  3. Use a box/razor knife to cut x shaped holes in the fabric where the plantings will be. these cuts will enable you to dig down and plant to the soil beneath without too much trouble.

  4. An alternative to using a knife to cut holes in the fabric is to burn holes in the fabric with the use of a weed torch. These can be useful if you have a large number of plantings, or prefer the symmetrical round look of the holes rather than cutting with a knife or scissors.

  5. Place plants in the ground

  6. Cover-up the visible fabric with high quality mulch on top

Woven Ground Barrier

Why is the 12’ wide landscape fabric roll so popular?

Using a larger size roll like the 12-foot wide can be advantageous as it takes less work and fabric overlap than using a smaller size roll. The 12 ft wide roll is the sweet spot for landscaping use as it can be easily managed by one to two people. when getting to larger size rolls it can require more manpower to wrangle the rolls and get them into position. Of course, you can always roll out a larger roll and then use a knife to cut off smaller portions of the roll to make it more manageable.

A weed torch can be used to burn symmetrical holes in landscape woven ground barrier fabric

Woven Ground Barrier with Weed Torch

Will Landscape Fabric Keep Moles Out?

There is nothing so disheartening as putting all that work into creating a productive garden than to see it all destroyed by an ambitious mole. And moles are some of the hardest pests to keep out of gardens because of their stellar digging abilities. Landscape fabric is often recommended to keep out all kinds of unwanted pests, but what about moles?

Landscape fabric may act as a deterrent to keep moles out of a garden, but moles can easily rip through landscape fabric, so it isn't the best method. Instead, use gopher wire baskets around plantings along with landscape cloth to keep moles from digging up a garden and protect the roots of your plants.

If you're looking to keep moles out of your garden, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to know to be rid of moles for good, including how they get in, what mole damage looks like, how to use the gopher wire, and what other things you can do to deter moles.

Gopher Wire Baskets for Mole Protection >

Woven Ground Barrier Fabric May Deter Moles

First off, the layer of landscape fabric you might put over your garden under a few inches of mulch will do nothing to prevent moles. They come from the bottom up, remember, so they'll just tunnel up among the roots of your plants, destroying them and killing the plants.

Some experienced gardeners recommend putting landscape fabric under your garden well below the depth that roots would reach to keep out pests. This might deter moles from entering your garden, but it won't stop them for long. Here's why:

  • Moles' powerful front feet can tear through the landscape fabric without too much effort.
  • Some landscape fabric breaks down over time, rendering it ineffective against pests of any kind.

That being said, landscape fabric may help a little bit. A hungry mole might not want to bother ripping through the fabric to get to his dinner.

How to Mole Proof Your Garden for Good

So, what can you do to get rid of the moles tearing up your garden and destroying the roots of your plant? There is a solution. We'll take you step by step through the process of keeping moles out of your garden for good.

Make Sure You're Dealing with Moles

Before you get started mole proofing your garden, you've got to make sure you're actually dealing with moles and not some other kind of burrowing rodent like a groundhog.

Identifying the Mole

If you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the critter coming out of a tunnel, it is easy to tell if you're dealing with a mole or something else.

  • Here are some of the identifying features of a mole:
  • The long, pointed nose that is often pinkish at the tip
  • Small eyes and ears
  • Short front arms with large clawed front feet
  • Dense, dark gray fur, but sometimes lighter colored or brown fur
  • Long bodies, 4-6 inches, about as long as your hand, but can be bigger depending on species
  • Stubby hairless tail

Although many confuse mole damage with vole or gopher damage, the animals themselves actually look quite different. Victor Pest has some great images that compare these three animals.

Trails of Dying Grass

If a mole is tunneling just under the surface of your lawn, it will destroy the roots of the grass where it tunnels. These trails of dying grass may also be raised up higher than the rest of your lawn as well.

Moles don't always tunnel close to the surface, so if you don't see trails, that doesn't mean there are no moles. Trails aren't the only telltale evidence.

These web-like trails of discolored grass are a sure sign of tunneling activity, but other small animals, like voles, can cause this as well.

Plants in the Garden are Not Eaten

Unlike other pests that can damage your garden, moles aren't coming there to eat your vegetables. Moles are insectivores, and they're visiting your garden because your rich garden soil has insects living in it.

So your plants won't be eaten. You may see the ground dug up around your garden and mounds of dirt. The plants' roots will be damaged, but there shouldn't be any evidence of a mole eating the food there.

If your plants are being eaten, you could be dealing with one of these other garden nuisances:

  • Voles
  • Groundhogs
  • Gophers
  • Rabbits

Are you sure you're dealing with moles? Then keep reading to learn how to keep them out of your garden for good.

How to Use Gopher Wire Baskets to Keep Moles Out

If you already have established beds, getting gopher wire under them will take a bit of work, but it is a task anyone comfortable with completely basic DIY projects. It is also a good time to consider replacing any framework or adding in some extra compost.

Why gopher wire baskets and landscaping fabric work better: Even if you aren't squeamish about exterminating moles, you may not want to have to deal with disposing of the carcass or hunting for a diseased animal in your yard. This also does not help prevent new moles from coming to your property.

Gopher Wire Baskets and Landscape Fabric Can Solve Your Mole Problem

By now, you've probably realized that using

gopher wire baskets and landscape fabric to protect your garden from moles is your best bet.

● It is simple enough that most people can do it themselves.

● It is long-lasting.

● It is effective against moles and other tunneling animals.

● It doesn't come with any of the drawbacks of alternative methods.

Now all you have to do is order up some gopher wire and landscaping fabric, and you'll be on your way to a mole-free life!

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