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EnviroGrid Geocell Ground Grid Paver - EGA20-8 (8.4' x 21.4' x 8")
EnviroGrid Geocell Ground Grid Paver - EGA20-8  (8.4' x 21.4' x 8")

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Product Code: EGA20-8


EnviroGrid Ground Grid Paver - EGA20-8

  • Model: EGA20-8
  • Size: 8.4' x 21.4'
  • Square Footage Per Grid: 179.76
  • Color: Black
  • Cell Depth: 8"
  • Cell Dimensions (LxW): 10.2" x 8.8"

  • Load Rating: Load Rating: 60,000+ lbs (Heavy Machinery)


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Fill With Gravel, Sand, Dirt or Grass

The EnviroGrid can be filled with a variety of different infill types. You can build a reinforced grass driveway, strong gravel surface or a dirt area which is resistant to erosion. The possibilities are endless!

No Gravel Base Required!

The EnviroGrid does not require a gravel base. This is due to both the depth and amount of compaction which takes place within the confined cells. Simply lay an approved geotextile below the grid and fill. The result is a savings in both labor and material cost.

Which Depth Cell do I need?

For load support, the 3" EnviroGrid with a gravel infill is rated for approximately 8,000 pounds and is best suited for light passenger vehicles, golf carts, ATV's etc. The 4" is rated at 40,000 lbs and is best suited for most driveway and parking lot applications. The 6" at 60,000 lbs is designed for emergency access or areas where heavy vehicles will be driving over regularly. The 8" is suited for specialty applications where heavy machinery will frequent.

Fabric for Beneath the EnviroGrid (Required) & Accessories

It is required that a layer of geotextile fabric is placed below the EnviroGrid to prevent the gravel from absorbing into the ground while providing adequate strength and drainage. Additionally, J-Hooks, and staples / heavy duty zip ties are recommended to attached multiple panels.

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How EnviroGrid Works

Watch a quick overview covering how the EnviroGrid system works and it's advantages for ground stabilization applications.

EnviroGrid is proudly manufactured in the USA.

The Geo Products manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified by NSF, with all our products undergoing stringent testing on-site at our manufacturing facility. All EnviroGrid products are manufactured with 100% virgin HDPE resins and carry a 10-Year material warranty.

The EnviroGrid ground support system provides an enhanced support to your pavement system. By confining infill material lateral movement away from the applied load is reduced. The grid functions as a large mat and distributes the load over an extended area, spreading out the downward pressure. As a slope support system the EnviroGrid helps to keep infill in place and reduce erosion. Because the material is designed to drain water is allowed to flow through leaving the encased layer intact.

Applications Include:

    • Permeable Pavements
    • Parking Areas
    • Access Roads
    • Fire Access Lanes
    • Boat Ramps
    • Golf Cart Paths
    • Roadside Shoulder Reinforcement
    • Driveways
    • Ports & Marinas
    • RV Parking
    • Trails & Pathways
    • Pavement Base Support
    • Permeable Paver Support


  • Reduces the amount of base material by up to 50%
  • Reduce the stress inflicted on subgrade when a load is applied
  • Reduces overall installation cost due to the reduction of rock required


  • Reduce Stormwater Runoff
  • Natural Recharging of Groundwater
  • Capture Airborne Pollutants
  • Safely Distributes Car Oil Leakage
  • Reduce Hot Surface Temperatures

EnviroGrid Stormwater Storage:

EGA20-6 (6 inch cell depth) infilled with
#57 stone with a 1" wearing layer can
provide 2.8" of rainwater storage.


Reduced Site Disturbance - Heat Island Effect
Recycled Material Content - Stormwater Management


Gravel Fill




Geocell with Gravel Infill

Grass Fill



Geocell with Grass Infill

Under Asphalt & Concrete

When used under a asphalt or concrete surface the EnviroGrid can help to provide stability and reduce the amount of aggregate required for stabilization.

Geocell Below Asphalt

Geocell Below Concrete

Slope & Swale Stabilization

EnviorGrid can be used to stabilize hillsides and swales in additional to providing load support. The permeable geocells allow for water to flow through the material and help to keep the infill material from eroding.

Geocell Slope Stabilization

Geocell Swale Stabilization

Installation Guide

Download a printable version of the EnviroGrid Installation Guide

Specification Sheet

Download a printable version of the EnviroGrid Specification Sheet

    Installation Video:
    Ground Reinforcement

    Learn how to install the EnvioroGrid in a ground stabilization application.

Case studies

The Envirogrid geocell system has been utilized on thousands of installations worldwide since 1990. Please refer to the case studies below for project examples.

Ground Stabilization

Oil & Gas Exploration Access Road - Columbia

Ground Stabilization

Beach Front Stabilization and Tidal Erosion Control - Mississippi

Ground Stabilization

Myrtle Beach International Airport Taxiway - South Carolina

Slope Erosion Control

Steep Slope Erosion Control - Panama

Slope Erosion Control

Steep Slope Erosion Control - Bijao Beach Resort - Panama

Retaining Wall

Riverbank Protection Wall - Panama

Retaining Wall

Roadside Embankment Retaining Wall - Panama

Accordion-Style Grid

The EnviroGrid units ship compressed and ship by either LTL freight or UPS as pictured to the right. The compressed unit is able to be coiled to fit on a pallet or in a box. Free Shipping is provided on all EnviroGrid orders.

EnviroGrid Shipping Time:

EnviroGrid orders typically ship same day if the order is placed before 12:00 noon EST. Transit times displayed in the map are listed in business days, are approximate and are specific to EnviroGrid products only. The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day.

The transit times displayed on the map are for standard ground shipping.

Technical Drawings

Download the technical drawing package which includes drawings for base stabilization, general details, slope erosion control applications, channel protection, retaining walls and more. Download Drawings >

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