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Dewitt Non-Woven Soil Filter Fabric 3.1oz (12.5' x 360')
Nonwoven soil filter fabric

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Price: $1,409.87

Availability:: In stock
Product Code: FF12.5360-3.1


Dewitt Non-Woven Soil Filter Fabric 3.1oz (12.5' x 360')

Model: FF12.5360-3.1
Brand: Dewitt
Series: Filter Fabric
Size: 12.5' x 360'
Square Feet Per Roll: 4,500


Minimum Order Quantity: 3 rolls
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Dewitt filter fabric is an ideal solution for helping to hold soil behind retention walls in place as well as keeping drainage pipes from clogging with dirt.


  • Needle-punched fabric allows water to seep through while keeping soil out.

  • Keeps soil behind retaining walls, out of drainage pipes and other buried parts.

  • Ruggedly designed to keep heavy soil loads back.

This fabric is needle-punched and not woven, it will allow water to seep through while still keeping dirt out. It's excellent design contains and repels dirt from eroding into unwanted areas brought on by gravity and water movement.

This fabric is well constructed and will retain its strength for many years. If installed correctly, this strong, long lasting fabric will ensure you are not digging up clogged drainage lines or rebuilding retaining walls due to soil seepage.

Dewitt Company has been manufacturing landscape high quality fabric for many years, and produce some of the finest fabrics on the market which have been relied upon in thousands of projects ranging from small backyard drainage projects to large commercial sites.

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Other Sizes:

Dewitt Non-Woven Soil Filter Fabric - 3.1oz
FF4360-3.1 4' x 360' 1,440
FF6360-3.1 6' x 360' 2,160
FF12.5360-3.1 12.5' x 360' 4,500

Dewitt Non-Woven Soil Filter Fabric - 3.5oz
FF3360-N 3' x 360' 1,080
FF4360-N 4' x 360' 1,440
FF6360-N 6' x 360' 2,160
FF8360-N 8' x 360' 2,880
FF12.5360-N 12.5' x 360' 4,500

Dewitt Non-Woven Soil Filter Fabric - 4oz
FF4OZ-3360 3' x 360' 1,080
FF4OZ-4360 4' x 360' 1,440
FF4OZ-6360 6' x 360' 2,160
FF4OZ-12.5360 12.5' x 360' 4,500

Dewitt Non-Woven Soil Filter Fabric - 6oz
FF6OZ4360 4' x 360' 1,440
FF6OZ12.5360 12.5' x 360' 4,500
FF6OZ15 15' x 300' 4,500
FF6OZ-3250 3' x 250' 750
FF6OZ-4250 4' x 250' 1,000
FF6OZ-6250 6' x 250' 1,500

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