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Gopher Wire Roll - 5' x 100'
Gopher Wire Roll - 5' x 100'

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Why Buy Gopher Wire from Landscape Discount?

  • We sell authentic, professional-grade gopher wire by Gopher Block™. The galvanized-steel wire is specifically designed to protect against gophers and is engineered to last for 7-12+ years when buried underground.
  • We do not sell "no-name" or "off-brand" wire. When installing gopher wire, the labor is always the most expensive part of the job. The last thing you want to do is install cheap "off-brand" wire and have to re-install. We believe in the mantra "do it once, do it right".
  • We pickup our phone. When you call you quickly reach a helpful, live person happy to answer your product and order questions. (M-F 5:00 am - 3:00 pm Pacific Time)

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Gopher Block Gopher Wire Roll - Double Galvanized Steel

Our galvanized steel gopher wire rolls are specifically designed to provide long-term protection for your lawn or planing areas against both young and mature gophers. The mesh is engineered specifically to resist breakdown when installed underground and incorporates 3/4" hexagonal openings to allow both grass roots and your other plants to grow unencumbered when the mesh is installed. (University of California, Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program, Publication 7433) To ensure a long-lasting mesh, Gopher Block HD is galvanized by electroplating and then galvanized again after being woven by a hot dip process. This very specific process provides 7-12+ of effective in-ground material lifespan.

  • Model: GW5100-G
  • Size: 5' x 100' Roll
  • Square Footage Per Roll: 500
  • Brand: Gopher Block
  • Series: HD
  • Material: Double Hot Dipped Electroplated Galvanized Steel
  • Estimated Material Lifespan: 7-12+ years
  • Mesh Type: Woven
  • Wire Gauge: 20
  • Mesh Opening: 3/4" Hexagonal
  • Fast & Free Shipping: Orders shipping to California are typically delivered within two business days.


Gopher Block: Specifically Designed for Gopher Protection.

Constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel.

Allows for water to pass through for grass and plant roots.

Blocks Mature Gophers
Blocks fully grown gophers from passing through.

Blocks Young Gophers
Blocks young and developing gophers from passing trough.

Rot Resistant
The double-galvanized mesh provides excellent resistance against underground rotting.

Allows Plant Growth
The 3/4" mesh size will not choke roots allowing for your plants to grow.

Allows Lawn Root Growth
Healthy lawn growth is not effected due to the 3/4" mesh size.

Designed Specifically for Gophers
Not just "fancy chicken wire", Gopher Block™ is designed specifically for gopher protection.

Reliable Protection From Gopher Intrusion

Gopher Block™ gopher wire rolls are specifically designed mesh wire to protect your landscape from gophers. Some of the common uses are under lawns and lining planter boxes.

Gopher wire is a hexagonal wire mesh that measures 3/4" across the flats of the hexagon. The steel wire strand is 20 gauge and galvanized after weaving for ideal strength and corrosion resistance. These specifications were chosen to resist gophers from passing or chewing through the wire.

Because gopher wire is hot-dipped galvanized after it is woven, the material provides an in-ground lifespan of 7-12+ years.

For additional information on Gopher wire rolls from gopher block visit www.gopherblock.com

Research Backed Mesh Size
For decades, both galvanized and stainless steel mesh with a 3/4" opening size has been used to protect landscape areas from gopher intrusion. A study from the University of California, Davis conducted in 2009 reiterated this point.

*University of California, Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program, Publication 7433, September 2009 (Revised July, 2019)

Is Smaller Mesh Better?
When it comes to gopher wire mesh both too small and too large can be problematic. Too large of a mesh can allow young, smaller gophers to pass through while a tighter mesh size can choke roots from nearby trees and plantings. The most ideal mesh size is 3/4" which stops both young and mature gophers while allowing enough room for your other plantings to grow unencumbered.

Download Spec Sheet
Download the official Gopher Block™ specification sheet in PDF format.

Under-Sod Installation Example

Gopher Block™ can be installed under a wide variety of different surfaces. One of the most common is under lawn areas. An installation can be accomplished by either the homeowner or a landscape contractor.

Simple, Straight Forward Installation

View our lawn installation video to learn how to install Gopher Block™ under a lawn.

Need a Printable Installation Guide?
Download our printer-friendly installation instructions >

Looking for Stainless Steel Mesh?

Gopher Block™ is also available in a stainless steel version. Gopher Block™ UHD is constructed of 304 stainless steel with a estimated material lifespan of 12+ years when buried below ground. View details and pricing >

What About Moles?

Although Gopher Block™ is not specifically designed to prevent mole intrusion, we have had customers that have installed it for this application and the gopher wire has proved effective at deterring moles from tunneling into landscape and lawn areas.

"After tilling and clearing the loam from our yard, I installed the gopher wire roll. I then applied another 6 inches of topsoil/compost and then laid 1,800 square feet of zeon zoysia sod. The gopher wire roll is an incredible product and in my mind worth every penny. I have already seen the results. There is an adjacent section where our yard meets the neighbors yard. Given the frequent watering/worms, etc. our yard has become an attractive site for moles. Well, our yard has been perfectly protected from the moles, and our neighbors yard is full of new holes and tunnels. They just cannot seem to penetrate the wire roll. The quality is also impressive. Does not even compare to the junk available at “unnamed big box” hardware store (trust me, I looked!) Anyway, here are several photos of the installation process and the final product. "

- Colin R. Austin, TX

Customer Installations

Gopher Block™ can be used in a wide variety of different installation types. See the below examples of how Gopher Block™ has been installed by our customers.

View additional Gopher Block™ projects at www.gopherblock.com

What Can Gopher Block Protect?

Gopher Block™ can protect a wide variety of different surfaces ranging from lawns to planter boxes. Gopher Block™ is engineered for both residential and commercial applications.

Sod Areas

Seeded Grass Areas

Putting Greens

Artificial Grass / Turf

Garden Beds (In-Ground)

Raised Garden Beds

Paver Patios

Child Play Areas


Sports Fields

Gravel Driveways

Golf Courses

Ground Staples for Gopher Block

Each Roll of Gopher Block™ requires 100 ground staples for proper installation. (sold separately)

View Details and Pricing >

Shipping Time

Gopher Block™ typically ships within one business day of order placement. Smaller orders ship UPS / Fedex while larger orders (typically 5+ rolls) ship LTL freight. If your order is shipping LTL freight the carrier will schedule a delivery appointment with you prior to delivery.

How to Prevent Gophers From Damaging Your Lawn & Garden

Gopher Wire Rolls installed under grass sod

Gopher wire installed in a large lawn

If you have a yard and live in a gopher-prone area, at one time or another, you have probably experienced gophers building their mounds in your landscape. Gophers are small rodents that feed on plants. In a short period of time, they can ruin gardens and gnaw through irrigation lines and sprinkler systems causing system failure.

Gopher mounds in your yard are not only unsightly but can be somewhat difficult to get rid of. Stopping gophers from building these mounds can be difficult. There are several remedies you can use to try to discourage or remove the gophers from your yard.

How to identify a Gopher Den
By nature, gophers spend most of their time underground living in burrows and rarely seen.
Look for loose dirt forming half circles or crescent-shaped mounds with plugged holes that are normally off to the side.
Freshly formed mounds are a sign that the gopher is very active. Just one gopher can create several mounds in one day. There is a difference between a gopher mound and a mole mound. A mole mound is circular with a plug in the middle.

gopher den

Stay Away From Products That Are Not Proven To Work

You can purchase traps to eliminate the gophers however trapping is only dealing with the symptom of the issue and will have to be done frequently, year after year. Using baits and other toxic chemicals can harm wildlife, pets, and children.

Even though there are plenty of predators who feed on gophers, installing owl boxes will not decrease the number of gophers to stop the damage.There are no repellents currently being sold that will protect your plants from gophers. Certain plants such as gopher purge, castor beans, and garlic have not proven to drive off gophers from the area.There are devices for scaring off gophers such as vibrating stakes, ultrasonic devices, and wind-powered pinwheels but have not been successful during trial runs.Because gophers can seal off their burrows very quickly, smoke or gas fumigation cartridges are not effective.Whenever possible, always use non-chemical products or those that are less toxic.

Protect Plants and Grass with Underground Gopher Wire
Before planting grass or a mulch planing area, lay down 3/4-inch mesh known as gopher wire under your beds or raised planter boxes.
The mesh will act as a barrier between the gophers and your plantings. Gophers will not be able to make it through the 3/4" hexagonal mesh. This will prevent them from encroaching into your landscape, destroying your lawn or plantings.

Customer Perspective:

“We decided to use this galvanized gopher screening on the new lawn because there was a lot of damage our previous lawn from gophers coming through, we have a lot of areas where gophers are very active and putting in a new lawn without adding some defense would be a total loss.There are a lot of holes and damage from gopher activity in our backyard especially on the back hill slope and throughout the lawn. Its nerve wracking having to constantly battle against these critters and makes it hard to enjoy your lawn and yard when you see how much the gophers are just doing havoc here on our property.”

-Edward, Customer from San Diego California

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