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Tree Root Barrier - 24 Inch by 100 Foot Roll 80 mil Thickness
80 mil Tree Root Barrier Sheet

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Tree Root Barrier: 24" x 100' Roll

Depth of Barrier: 24" (Looking for a different size? See the product chart at the bottom of the page)

Material Thickness: 80 mil (5/64 of an inch or 2 mm)
Material Length: 100 foot roll (can be joined)
Material: HDPE
Shipping: UPS

- Can be cut with a standard utility knife
- Deflection side is chrome rolled to provide a superior protection surface
- Joins vertically or horizontally with Tree Root Barrier Connection Tape >
- Made in the USA


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The 80 mil HDPE barrier is designed to contain tree roots from trees of all sizes and varieties. The ultra-thick plastic material is composed of high density polyethylene which is designed for decades of in-ground root protection. The barrier also can serve as an excellent water barrier and often times when placed next to a foundation wall protects against both tree roots and water intrusion.


1. Dig a trench around the tree or between the tree and the area that you are trying to protect. The trench should be dug to a depth of the barrier minus 1 or two inches. This is to allow the top of the barrier to protrude from the ground. By leaving the top edge visible, surface roots can be spotted and clipped if they attempt to overtake the barrier. If encircling the tree, dig as large of a circle as possible. This will help to ensure that the tree has room to establish roots for stability.

2. Insert the tree root barrier into the trench. If connecting two segments of barrier be sure to overlap the segments by 4 feet, use Tree Root Barrier Connection Tape vertically and horizontally to connect the seam. The taped overlap will prevent the tree roots from breaking through the seam.

3. Backfill around the barrier.

How DO HDPE Barriers compare to panel-based barriers?

HDPE Barrier is Thicker Overall
Our 80 mil tree root barrier is thicker overall than most panel barriers providing more consistent protection. (Panel barriers range from 40 mil to 80 mil in thickness depending on where the barrier is measured).

HDPE Barrier is Better at Turning
Our HDPE barrier is shipped in a roll and can easily make a turn or a circle when installed. Panel barriers snap together using a built-in joint or connecter piece. When panels are installed in a circular application the panel is bent and pressure is applied to the joint which can cause the barrier to disconnect, deform or break.

HDPE Barrier is More Dependable
The 80 mil HDPE barrier ships in 100’ rolls. This is a major advantage because the long continuous piece can be installed without having to perform any connections. Regardless of the barrier or the joining method used, the connection point is the weakest point. Less connections mean less chances for roots to go through the barrier system.

Panel Barriers are Better in Very Tight Installation Areas
If installing a tree in a very tight area (concrete cutout or roadway median) panel barriers are the superior choice. This is because they feature vertical guides and can help direct tree roots downward providing extra stability. In these applications the smart choice is a panel-based barrier.


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