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Drive-On Grass Protection Mat - 6.7' x 100' Roll - 670 Sq. Ft. - Turf Protection Mat
Drive-On Grass Protection Mat 6.7' x 100' Green

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Drive-On Grass Protection Mat (Standard Grade)

  • Model: 64313308 / GP-100
  • Brand: Tenax
  • Size: 6.7' x 100'
  • Square Feet: 670

  • Mesh Size: 1.375" x 1.25"
  • Volume Pricing Available (see below)

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Vehicle-Grade Grass Protection

Tenax brand offers sturdy extruded plastic polymer matting for protecting and stabilizing turf grassy places. A number of grassy areas where cars drive or park will benefit from turf protection such as: service access routes, golf cart paths, overflow car parking, pedestrian turf paths, RV parking pads, side-yard vehicle access, and dog-run areas. One of the more popular applications besides parking is for pet areas. Using grass protection in a yard where dogs or other large areas frequent can save the grass from digging and rutting and reduce the amount of mud that is tracked inside. If applied on trees it can prevent deer and horses from rubbing up against the side and damaging the bark, which can put certain species of tree at risk.

When a grass protection mat is put under horse troughs, or under straw areas it acts as another layer between the ground and hay acting to help dry food out and again prevent rutting when animals naturally paw at the ground. Tenax Drive On Grass Protection Mesh is an extruded polymer material and is best installed in the spring so that the grass has the ability to quickly grow through the grid’s holes (called apertures). By growing through the mesh holes it will eventually form a root mass through the mesh and over time blend into the grass so it’s less visible. Eventually, the area will resemble the appearance of pre-installation but will have the added structural reinforcement and protection.


Overspill Car Parking | Grassed Access Routes | Footpaths - Buggy / Cart Paths | Parking and Turning Circles for Light Aircraft | R.V. Parks | Lawns Used for Parking Cars, Boats and Trailers | Grassed Verges in Urban and Parkland Areas(Some applications may require additional soil stabilization such as a geogrid.)


1.Cut the grass short and ensure the ground is even and level, removing any debris or stones emerging from the ground. You may need to fill in any holes with some fine sand or topsoil.

2.Unroll the Protection Mesh across the ground area and secure it down to the turf with TENAX TURF STAPLES.

3.Stretch the mesh out and add additional staples every 3 feet in each direction. If a larger area is needed then butt the edges of the rolls together by placing staple pins across each edge.

4.Pin down any area of the mesh that is not already pinned or touching the grass.


-Apply appropriate regionally based grass seed and fertilizer to help promote quick grass growth. Apply at the recommended level, or 6 lbs./ 100 sf if not specified.

NOTE: Vehicles and Pedestrians should KEEP OF GRASS until the grass has grown at least 1 inch and has been mowed twice with the blade height set high.

*** If the Turf Protection Mesh is being laid over clay soil, a suitable drainage system should be installed. If the ground is particularly soft, please seek the advice of a professional. Turf Protection Mesh does not solve drainage problems.

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
GP-ST-500-M-L Grass Protection Mesh Staples - 500 count - 8" x1" x 8" - Only can be ordered with grass protection mesh, cannot ship alone. Price Includes Shipping
GP-100-M-1 Standard Grade: Level 1 Pricing: Use when ordering 1 roll of grass protection mesh. Price includes Free Shipping.
GP-100-M-2 Standard Grade: Level 2 Pricing: Use when ordering 2-5 rolls of grass protection mesh. Price includes Free Shipping.
GP-100-M-3 Standard Grade: Level 3 Pricing: Use when ordering 6-15 rolls of grass protection mesh. Price includes Free Shipping.
GP-100-M-4 Standard Grade: Level 4 Pricing: Use when ordering 16-25 rolls of grass protection mesh. Price includes Free Shipping.
GP-100-M-5 Standard Grade: Level 5 Pricing: Use when ordering 26-53 rolls of grass protection mesh. Price includes Free Shipping.
GP-100-M-6 Standard Grade: Level 6 Pricing: Use when ordering 54+ rolls of grass protection mesh. Price includes Free Shipping.
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